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… to click here to join, the fanlisting for Joining Fanlistings, listed at the Fanlistings Network under the Hobbies and Recreation category. Joining fanlistings is a quite addictive hobby! There are over 30,000 fanlistings listed at the Fanlistings Network in many many categories so you can spend hours and hours of having fun with this hobby. If you are a fan of Joining Fanlistings, please consider joining the fanlisting!


The fanlisting was last updated on 17th January 2009. At the moment there are 1461 fans listed from 94 countries with 0 waiting to be added. The fanlisting has a total of 8affiliates. Welcome to our newest members, Sue.

Updates & information

06th October 2008 The fanlisting is finally finished! I’ve just uploaded a bunch of new codes and created a small about page. :D

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01st October 2008 Stilla is absolutely amazing and totally made my day by telling me that I’m going to adopt the Joining Fanlistings fanlisting. Whee! :D

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