Joining Fanlistings

Joining fanlistings is a quite addictive hobby. The Fanlistings Network, the original network for fanlistings has over 30,000 sites listed that you can join. All these sites are divied into 58 categories ranging from actors/actresses to musicians to computer stuff to food and to many other subjects. You can spend ages on joining fanlistings, not only at the Fanlistings Network! There are several other networks which list fanlistings, like the Anime Fanlistings Network, which houses over 6,000 anime and manga related fanlistings that were at the Fanlistings Network before. Other networks that list fanlistings include the Namelistings Network which lists first names and the Physical Fanlistings Network which lists fanlistings for physical characteristics of celebrities and fictional characters. Both networks lists fanlistings you can join that are not approvable at the Fanlistings Network.

Everyone can join fanlistings, most fanlistings only require a name, an email address and the country you’re residing in. People who have a website mostly display either text links or little images called buttons or codes at special parts of their personal websites or their own fanlisting collective if they also run a number of fanlistings. Some maintain their links manually, other use scripts created for this particular use. The number of joined fanlistings ranges from a very few to some hundreds or up to 1,000 and more fanlistings joined.

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